Terms of Service


For handling of privacy, user data, cookies and more, please see Smartson's privacy policy, (see:http://smartson.se/info/privacy_policy.html ). The below terms of service relate to you as an user and to those of you interested in participating in consumer test through Smartson.


By sending the application as a testpilot, you consent to Smartson's Terms of Service, and also accept Smartson's Privacy Policy.

To accept Smartsons privacy policy is voluntarily. It is also voluntarily to allow Smartson to take part of and process your personal information. Without leaving personal information for further processing by Smartson, you will not have the possibibility to take part as a testpilot.

Commitment and the product

After completion of your commitments as a tester (i.e to blog, share and evaluate your thoughts about theproduct), you are often allowed to keep the product. Some tests have different terms, such as the return of the product, or if the product in question has already been consumed (such as food).

At unmet commitments, you may be required to pay compensation equivalent to the market value of the productor return the product in a satisfactory condition (i.e. its unused state). It is not permitted to sell or pawn the productwithin 12 weeks after you have received the product.


I will share my opinions, experiences and results in the form of words, images and videos during the testing period. I am aware that part of this information could be of the personal kind and give my consent to Smartson and Smartson's clients to process this information and to use for public marketing purposes.

Taxes and fees

The test pilot are responsible for any additional taxes and charges for goods and services obtained for testing purposes.

Honesty of content

In my role as a testpilot, I will be honest when providing information about the product and will not deliberately leave misleading or inaccurate information. As a selected testpilot I vouch for not receiving any form of compensation from the manufacturer or its representatives, or the manufacturers’ competitors or their representatives.

Copyright and protected material

I will not share any user generated content that is protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret, right of publication, or any other form of proprietary rights without expressed consent from the owner of the respective copyright, trademark, trade secret, rights of publication, or other form of proprietary rights. This applies to, but is not limited to, for example music, video clips, newspaper photos or photos/images with other people on them.

Approval of use of shared content give my permission that Smartson and Smartson's clients have the right to use images, photos, videos and other information that I submit together with my name and photo for marketing purposes, for online publication and in other forms of media, now and in the future, as long as any copyright still exists. I will refrain from claiming any ownership rights for any of the user generated material.

Smartson and its clients have no obligation to offer me any financial compensation for the submitted contentsor to offer any possibilities for editing, deleting or modifying user generated content that has been submitted to Smartson.

Inappropriate material

Smartson can at any time moderate, adjust or ban users or comments if the material is considered to be offensive, racist, abusive or seditious.

Personal injury or health effects

I will test the product/products on my own initiative and risk. I will not hold Smartson or its clients responsible for any possible effect on my personal health as a result of this test.

I am aware that there may be risk factor other than those specified. If I feel uncertain regarding my personal risk factors, I will contact my physician. If I have any disease or if I´m taking any medication then it is my own responsibility to consult my physician regarding potential effects on my health and if participation is appropriate forme.


I confirm that I am at least 18 years old, that I have read and understood the preceding text and that I am able to fulfill this agreement.