The team

We conduct more than 100 large-scale tests each year, involving more than 75,000 testers. To pull this off, we naturally need a team with super powers

Karl Händel

Chief Executive Officer


Martin Hellgren

Digital Strategist


Malin Ljung

Deputy Head of Production


Mikaela Bergengren

Project Manager


Fredrik Westermarck

Chief Technology Officer


Jannica Pallin

Project Manager


Robert Zetterlund

Digital Strategist


Ellinor Jyrell

Support & Project Assistant


Jonny Jonasson

Digital Designer


Anders Linder

Technical Operations



Satisfaction Manager


Stefan Höglund

Digital Strategist


Sikri Güner

Chief Financial Officer


Per Guinchard

Digital Strategist


Emma Eskilsson

Project Manager


Ulf Rödholm

Parental leave



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