Oatly Oat Drink


Oatly Oat Drink

Greeting from Oatly

Everyone can enjoy the great taste and health benefits of Oatly. Our oat drinks are full of all the nutrition you'll find in oats, such as beta-glucans (dietary fiber) which lower cholesterol levels. You'll be getting better fats and more fiber by swapping dairy products for Oatly. And it's milk-free and soy-free too. You’ll also avoid the “detour via a cow”, so helping to save the Earth’s resources. Take the chance to make a difference, and help both yourself and the environment! 

  • Oatly oat drink Organic - made from the finest Swedish organic oats, one of the most nutritious foods you can eat, providing protein, carbohydrates, fibre and beneficial fats, all in balanced proportions. 
  • Oatly oat drink Enriched - Contains as much calcium as standard milk and is also enriched with vitamins such as D, B12 and Riboflavin.



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